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I continue to benefit through volunteerism and community involvement as I grow in confidence and gain new problem-solving skills. More than anything, however, I am inspired to move forward with purpose as I see the community altered by our collective efforts.

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Originally posted on The Daily Post: “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” Author Cynthia Ozick’s words ring a resounding bell for me. Since reading them, I’ve made it a priority to show appreciation for the people that positively impact my life. I am a Happiness Engineer on the…

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*Volunteers from the Saaed Association after Eid activities for children in Damascus. Jul 24, 2016, American Herald Tribune -Eva Bartlett Syria has long been celebrated not only for its rich historical and cultural mosaic but also for its modern culture, secularism, sheltering refugees from neighbouring countries—including Palestinian refugees who are treated as well as Syrians […]

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On July 15, we concluded our final week of Summer Camp at Hands On Nashville, and we have to say, it’s been an educational summer!

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Chase Davenport Thank you, Chase!

Chase Davenport joined Hands On Nashville’s Home Energy Savings Program (HES) team in May 2014 as an AmeriCorps VISTA. Hailing from Humboldt, Tennessee, Chase earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Austin Peay State University in 2013 before embarking on this next chapter. The decision to serve as a VISTA, Chase said, felt like the right thing to do.

“I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life,” he said. “I’d been accepted into a Master’s program at American University in Washington, D.C., but something told me this opportunity with AmeriCorps and Hands On Nashville was important. Grad school could wait.”

Chase led many capacity-building efforts for the HES program during his term. He developed relationships with homeowners, scheduled energy audits, added insulation to homes, led 300 volunteers, and engaged the community and other nonprofits to expand the impact the projects could have on the…

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Xue Yang:

Xue Yang has lived and worked here in Fresno, CA for over 20 years. Her family were refugees from Thailand and they migrated to the U.S. In fall of 2012 her doctors found a lump in her back and in the beginning of 2013 she went into surgery to get it removed. The health insurance she had through her employment only helped cover part of the costs for her surgery. The hospital she attended was very kind and offered to help her with some of her rising bills. Xue needed regular treatments for her ailment and due to how labor intensive her job was she couldn’t go back to work. When the Affordable Care Act passed, she quickly jumped on the bandwagon. She went to Fresno Center for New Americans to apply and qualified for Medi-cal since she was no longer able to work. She has been really thankful for her health coverage because she and her husband would have never been able to pay for her treatments without it. Xue brought her husband Geu Yang to one of the HandsOn Health care Access enrollment events this past Thursday to enroll for Medi-Cal. Geu works at a part time security job and has been paying a lot for his health insurance. Last season they were very hesitant to join Medi-Cal because of all the bad things they were hearing. Now that Xue has had a year of experience with Medi-cal she has been grateful and very pleased with the services. Now it’s her husband’s turn to join Medi-cal and was able to enroll through HandsOn Health Care Access team.  Mr. Yang is very excited to have health insurance he can afford.


Ray is a volunteer and home care worker who finally enrolled in Medi-cal at the HandsOn enrollment event Thursday December 18, 2014. Ray helped support lasts season’s Covered CA events by volunteering but never enrolled himself. Ray was intimidated by the process last season and didn’t feel comfortable enrolling with a stranger he didn’t know. But this second time around he is more mature and comfortable with the idea of sharing his personal information with certified enrollers. He has seen the great outcomes of fellow home care workers and friends who applied last season. Ray is glad to finally be enrolled.  Ray says he will definitely recommend our services and events to his family and friends.


A young man who would like to remain anonymous was really excited to have health insurance. He lost his job a few months ago and has been looking for a job since. He currently lives with his mom and is just looking for any kind of resources he can get in to. He is glad that he got enrolled into Medi-cal at a HandsOn enrollment event because he doesn’t know how he would be able to pay for medical costs if he was injured and wouldn’t want his mother to have to worry about medical bills. The young man was very thankful for the services provided by certified enrollers and HandsOn. He would recommend our services to his family and friends.

The interwovenness of society

What you do makes a difference.

Energy Guidance Complete

Community involvement

“… a community has various needs that are ever-changing and that differ in importance. The elderly need to be cared for, as do the teenagers. The animals require attention and so does the regional government. Trees and plants give shade and beauty, and they require upkeep and protection. The poor must be seen, and the recycling must be gathered. Each person in a community can participate in an endless number of community efforts, and the more each person does, the more the community radiates warmth and support.

Affect is the goal for each community member. Caring for self and caring for others. Acknowledging needs and addressing them. Connecting with people, relating to the environment, tending to animals. Developing oneself through the attention to community.”

-from Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey, the book I am currently writing

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